Technologically mediated participatory art-forms often call into question the ontological distinctions of performer and audience. The process where by the one-way channel of information from performer to audience is interrupted through the incorporation of a meta-communicative reversal of roles.

‘still in the move’ is an interactive audio-visual installation for single audience-participant that invites the user to create and warp acousmatic sound through their conscious proprioceptive positioning and movement.

The term ‘audience-participant’ is explored by two features of the installation. First, through the ‘macro narrative’ of the participant. The participant is meant to both engage with the system themselves and watch others engage with it. In this way they are both a participant of, and an audience to the installation. The installation is to be experienced first as an audience (witnessing a performance), then engaging with the system (participating), and eventually returning to audience in a new context.

The ‘context’ here frames the second use of the term. The ‘micro narrative’ of the participant; the installation will not respond like a musical instrument, the system nor the participant holds dominion over one or other. In this way the participant is an audience to the sonic reciprocation their actions.

This project was the result of my final year undergraduate research project for the Music Technology programme at The University of Edinburgh.