‘A Resonant Husk’ is an electro-acoustic composition for four speakers, evoking the desolation and ‘un-silence’ of a biologically impoverished world. The source material - the creaking of melting ice; the hum of industrial shipping; the trembling of ferric debris - was recorded using hydrophones built by the artist following instructions outlined in a paper in the Journal of Animal Bioacoustics, originally designed as a non-invasive method of cetacean population estimation. Through their replication and appropriation for aesthetic ends, the work seeks to alloy noise pollution and biodiversity loss in the mind of the listener.

‘A Resonant Husk’ was commisioned by the climate-breakdown protest group Extinction Rebellion and it featured in their curated month-long exhibition at Summerhall, Edinburgh as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

You can hear a stereo excerpt from the 15 min four-channel work below.